Private Female Gynaecologist Doctor London

Private Antenatal Care & Maternity Care in London, UK

Choosing the right clinic for antenatal care is an important step when you are expecting. The Venus Women’s Clinic London can provide all of the support that you need during your pregnancy. You will be cared for by a leading obstetrician at a comfortable private clinic in London. You can make your first antenatal care appointment as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Miss Arafa will then advise you on your antenatal care schedule and help you to prepare for your baby’s birth.

Obstetrician Led Maternity Care in UK

Antenatal care in the UK can be provided by either a doctor or a midwife. You may need to see an obstetrician if you experience any health problems or complications as the doctor will be able to provide specialist care. However, you can also choose to see a private obstetrician even if you are experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy. You might want to see an obstetrician for antenatal care if:

  • Your GP or midwife has suggested that you see a specialist
  • You are experiencing pregnancy complications or a high risk pregnancy
  • You have had a difficult pregnancy or birth before
  • You are expecting more than one baby
  • You feel more comfortable seeing an obstetrician rather than a midwife

What to Expect

The antenatal care that you receive from your obstetrician will be tailored to your needs. Every patient will see the doctor for routine appointments and receive all of the support and advice that they need while you are expecting. However, you may need to have additional appointments, tests or treatments depending on your health and any issues you experience during pregnancy. You may need to see your obstetrician more frequently if you are an older mother, this is your first pregnancy or you are experiencing any complications. You may also see your GP, a midwife or other specialists as part of your antenatal care.

Your antenatal care will include:

  • Regular check ups to ensure you and your baby are healthy
  • Ultrasound scans and other screening tests if required
  • Advice on your diet and staying well during pregnancy
  • Information about pregnancy and birth, including help with your birth plan
  • Treatment for any pregnancy symptoms or complications you experience
  • Support during the delivery, including a Caesarean section if necessary

Miss Arafa will ensure that you receive all of the care and support that you need during pregnancy. She can advise you on your options, answer all of your questions, and be there to support you throughout your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Arranging an Appointment

If you would like to see an obstetrician for antenatal care in London, you can easily make an appointment at the Venus Women’s Clinic London. Miss Arafa is a leading specialist with experience caring for women with both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies. She can provide all of the support that you need while you are expecting. To make an appointment, simple call the clinic or fill in the online form to request an antenatal consultation at a time that suits you.

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