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Private Caesarean Section ( C Section)

When you are having a baby, your care is very important and part of that care is to decide in advance what kind of birth you want. If you have chosen to have a private C section then the Venus Well Woman Clinic will be able to offer you the very best in obstetric care.

Miss Arafa is an experienced obstetrician and she knows that every birth is different. The support that she will provide throughout the pregnancy and during delivery will always be tailored to your needs especially when it comes to a C-section. From writing a birth plan to preparing you and then tackling any issues that arise you will feel confident that everything is being done to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby.

If you would like a private caesarean by an obstetrician the first step will be to have a consultation with the doctor so that you can discuss, all aspects of the birth by C-section. Miss Arafa will talk to your about:

  • Advise on where you give birth
  • Explain to you what is going to be done during your C section
  • Booking into a private clinic for your private Caesarean in London for the delivery


How much does a private C section cost?

The cost of a C-section will depend on a lot of factors, and when you come for your consultation, it will be easier to advise you on what the costs will involve.

Will my medical insurance cover my costs?

Gynaecology care will normally be covered by your private health insurance but it is always best to check with your private health provider. If your insurance company does approve the required procedure, give us the policy details and the authorisation number. For Obstetrics, private health insurance does not normally cover the costs of scans in pregnancy but other obstetric procedures and consultation may be covered, so if you talk to us we will be able to liaise with your insurers so that we can arrive at the answer as to what will be covered with regards to your private C section.

How do I pay?

When your baby has been delivered, you can pay by cash or with any major debit/credit card. If you are insured and have given us an authorisation number, payment will be applied for, directly from your medical insurance.

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