Private Female Gynaecologist Doctor London

Cancellation Policy:

Please inform the clinic as soon as possible if the appointment is not convenient for you. In cases of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances or if you need to reschedule your appointment, our clinic may consider to accommodate you for another appointment. We kindly request that you contact us as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate your request and reschedule the appointment subject to availability. 

However, If you fail to attend an appointment or cancel without letting us know, giving at least 72 hours notice, as with many other clinics, we regret that we must apply a consultation fee. Please note that you’ll be personally liable for any cancellation fees, and cannot claim them through your insurance or sponsor. We trust that you will understand our policy and thank you for your cooperation.

Patients Terms and Conditions:

Important information regarding your Care at Venus Women Clinic London. 

Please read these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) carefully. They set out the terms upon which you will be provided with treatment at our clinic . 

We may update these Terms from time to time, however, such changes will only apply to new model of Care or a new Treatment Package that you receive, and you will be asked to agree to any new terms before they become effective for you. Any new Terms will not apply to an episode of Care or Treatment Package which is part-way through when these Terms are changed. 

Please ensure you read these Terms carefully and in particular the sections in these Terms relating to the charges payable by you for your Care or Treatment Package and the cancellation fees that may be applicable if you cancel your appointment or Treatment Package. If you wish to check how much something costs, please ask. All our Self Pay Rates can be made available either on our website or on request by contacting us directly.

 Self-Pay Outpatients:

This section will apply if you are paying for your own Outpatient Care  

1.     If you are attending our clinic for outpatient treatment or tests (e.g. blood tests, screening and scans, outpatient procedure) or other care, and
 (i)  you do not have medical insurance; or
(ii) your Care is not covered by your insurance policy; or 

(iii) you have not chosen any Fixed Price Self Pay Treatment Package;
you will be required to pay for your Care at Venus Women Clinic London Self Pay Rates.
This includes treatment for consultation, clinical examination, tests  or other complications, which, if needed, will be charged to you on the same day 

2.     You can review all the clinic price list for common tests and procedures in advance of your appointment. Due to the extensive number of treatments and tests available however, there may be situations where this isn’t possible. In these situations, we will endeavour to inform you of any charges and the doctor will notify you on the day of your visit before you proceed. 

3.      Where the clinic is provided with advance notification of any tests required, we will be able to advise you of the Self Pay rates for these. However, following your assessment during the private consultation, the Consultant might notify you of any tests which you may require on the same visit. The clinic would not proceed with any form of tests or treatment without your verbal agreement for such procedure and for the cost involved. 

4.     The clinic Self Pay outpatient treatment or test fees are payable on the same day of your appointment. All major credit and debit cards are accepted (Amex is accepted but incur higher rate as per card policy). If any invoice remains unpaid, the clinic reserves the right to charge additional 10% late payment admin fee and 15% for our collection billing company fees in addition to any additional legal fees which might incur as a result of this. 

 Insured Patients: 

Where we are not able to process your claim or your insurer fails to settle our invoices (or any part of them) within thirty (30) days of the date of issue we will assume that the outstanding amount will not be paid by your insurer and we will invoice you directly. A receipt will be provided on request. 

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